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We are a Luxury Travel Agency with 20+ years of collective experience, specializing in providing personalized services to our esteemed clients, ensuring their travel becomes a lasting memory. Like pearls, the gemstone of the sea, the Maldives provide a picture-perfect backdrop for an unforgettable getaway. Our team of experts have handpicked the best resorts for you to enjoy your time away in paradise. Let us take you on a journey through the Maldives, so you can experience a world of your own and create unforgettable memories

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We are natives

Your Maldives Travel Agent is your personal concierge, accessible and at your service. We are in the beautiful island of the Maldives, ready to offer our assistance when needed.

Trust & safety

We guarantee that we will provide assistance with any issues, complaints, or conflicts that may arise during your booked vacation with us. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Hand-picked collection

We take pride in our hand-picked selection of only the finest luxury resorts. Our experienced team is renowned for exceptional service & commitment.

Special offers & best rates

Specializing in great offers w/ exclusive benefits & added value. Experienced in negotiating best promotions for top value for money.

World class service

Around the Maldives offers unmatched, world-class service with personalized attention to clients' individual needs. Setting the standard in the industry.

Firsthand experience

Experienced all resorts, restaurants, excursions & snorkeling spots on our website. Offer first-hand accounts for questions. Trustworthy advice.

Our Team

Hussain Sofwan


With over a decade of experience in different areas of tourism field, Mr. Hussain Sofwan started his career at a young age actively involving in the Tourism Industry. His latest venture as the founder of Around the Maldives Travel Agency brings to the table a vision inspired by the luxury travel market. This new venture will create a luxurious experience for the travelers to Maldives. His aspirations have paved the path for an accomplished career through risk taking and an always evolving passion for exploration of new business opportunities


Chief Operating Officer

Mohamed Naeem, the esteemed director of Around the Maldives Travel, stands as a highly aspirational figure in the corporate landscape of the Maldives. Naeem embarked on his professional journey in the hospitality industry back in 2008, commencing his career as a Concierge. Over the years, spanning from his humble beginnings to the present day of 2023, Naeem has diligently served in numerous esteemed tourist resorts across the Maldives. This extensive experience has endowed him with a diverse range of skills and expertise in catering to the needs of tourists. Furthermore, Naeem's remarkable journey also took him to the United Arab Emirates from 2016 to 2018, where he had the privilege of working in a similar capacity. This invaluable opportunity broadened his horizons and exposed him to a plethora of possibilities within the global market



Reesha Abdul Munnim is a skilled Aviation Professional currently serving the National Airline of Maldives. She has over 08 years of aviation experience in Commercial operations and Strategic Human Resource Development. She has worked primarily in the field of Aviation Sales and Marketing instrumental in leading International and Domestic Sales at the Airline.

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